Rochelle DeClute

Rochelle is a Managing Partner and the Broker of Record at Union Realty. Her passion for people paired with her family legacy in the business drew her to real estate. Rochelle spent much time in her teens alongside her grandmother who was one of the first female brokers in the city, and an important role model for Rochelle.

A born entrepreneur, Rochelle enjoys all aspects of building and growing the business while nurturing the culture of a top selling real estate brokerage.

With a wealth of knowledge and lived experience in the industry, she has been twice nominated for the RBC Women of Influence Award and she is frequently sought after as a speaker at both real estate and other business events.

Rochelle is passionate about all aspects of the business from selling to renovation and design to team and culture building. Her knowledge, experience, drive and her ability to cultivate relationships with clients and in the community is second to none.

Rick DeClute

Rick has a family legacy in real estate, literally growing up in the business in Toronto’s East End. As a third generation REALTOR, he is well known, very well respected and incredibly successful.

One of the three managing partners at Union Realty, Rick’s passion is his community. With a background in social work and criminology, he has made it a mission throughout his life, to connect with and improve the lives of marginalized and vulnerable members of our community.

The ultimate innovator, Rick is always the go-to person when the team needs to problem-solve for a tough negotiation or a hard-to-sell property.  

A pioneer in many respects, he was the first to create a staging company, explore podcasting, and even build an independent boutique brokerage. In doing so, he has also built one of the top teams in the industry. A leader in sales and innovation, Rick continues to rank among the top REALTORS in the entire Toronto Real Estate Board.

Melanie Wright

Melanie and her sister Lindsay built the infamous Wright Sisters brand at a time when the concept of “teams” in real estate was just taking off. She began her career in real estate more than 20 years ago. Armed with a business degree and a solid foundation in the East End, Melanie worked her way up from answering the phones in a busy real estate office as a teenager, to leading one of the most successful teams in the nation.

One of three managing partners at Union Realty, Melanie is also one of the most successful REALTORS in the entire Toronto Real Estate Board. She is passionate about sport and fitness, health and living life to the fullest. She does have a competitive side, which has served her well when negotiating a sale.

Melanie also loves a challenge and is willing to go that extra mile for clients, and when sharing skills with up-and-coming REALTORS. These attributes have enabled her to achieve winning outcomes for her team and her clients year after year. There is nothing she loves more than being in front of her clients sharing strategies for record-breaking sales.

James Hartford

James is the Broker of Record of Hartford and Stein Group Union Realty. After 14 years with RE/MAX in Toronto’s Beaches and a year sailing south, he and his wife and partner Lynn Stein, decided it was time to move to the place they knew and loved, Prince Edward County. They moved here in 2004 and in December 2012, they started Hartford and Stein Group with their office in Picton. “We wanted to work in an open environment of collaboration with great people. Abundance. And help some young agents achieve a great life! “

“We Love the rural life. We share our old farmhouse and 40 acres with my mom and pop, (and an assortment of critters) Mom and pop grew up on farms, and it’s great to have them there. We help each other and I am a big proponent of multigenerational living.“

James is an avid tennis player, can drive a team of horses, and is a farmer at heart.

Lynn Stein

Lynn Stein is the wife and partner of James Hartford. They met in 1979 and worked together in a manufacturing business before starting their careers in real estate in the Beach and east end Toronto in 1991. “We’ve known the DeClutes and The Wright Sisters for many years, and the opportunity to collaborate with these folks is fantastic!

“Jim and I live on our hobby farm with our menagerie of animals. I was a city girl from Toronto’s west end, but I’m living my hippie farm dreams here. It an awesome community full of creatives who turn their dreams into reality”

“Selling Real Estate here is such a pleasure. It’s all about community, and each little hamlet is so different! And since we have had the team, it is such a joy to watch and contribute to their success and growth, and to learn from them too.”

Lynn paints big pictures of her horses and chickens and hangs them on the barn.

Brendan Powell

Brendan is Broker of Record at the BREL team, aka BREL Union Realty Brokerage Inc. While his passion remains Buyers and Sellers, he’s also the BREL CTO, CFO and COO, which makes him the unofficial (official?) BREL Nerd. He’ll bore you to tears obsessing over real estate paperwork or his latest tech tool.

Brendan has spent the last decade challenging the norms of an often slow-to-move industry, from early adoption of digital tools to raising the bar with respect to expectations of responsiveness and client service. A thought leader in the industry, he is the hands-on, ground level, and slightly quieter half of, BREL.

We asked Brendan to tell us a little about himself:

“I’m a world traveller. An explorer. A musician. A foodie. I’m married to Melanie P.

I like: Urban (not country). Spicy (not bland). Red (not white). Craft beer (not Bud). Nights (never mornings). I like stinky cheese and funky tunes. Mostly, I like to make sure I enjoy the journey just as much as the destination.”

Melanie Piché

Melanie is a Broker and Vice-President at the BREL team, also known as BREL Union Realty Brokerage Inc. Obsessed with digital marketing, social media and SEO, she’s on a quest to elevate the real estate industry’s reputation beyond fridge magnets, same-same marketing and questionable ethics and stereotypes. Her decade of HR experience in the ad industry lends itself well to her current responsibilities overseeing the BREL team’s marketing and coaching the BREL agents.

We asked Melanie to tell us a little about herself:

“I’m a blogger. A truth-teller. A teacher. A learner. I’m a little OCD. I’d wear a onesie every day if it was socially acceptable. I loved bacon, goats and llamas before they became a thing on the internet. I’m married to Brendan. 

I like: Beach (not city). Sweet (not salty). Sun (not snow). Dogs (not cats). White (and red). iPhone (not Android). Handmaid’s Tale (not Real Housewives).”