Union Realty is Canada’s first Team of Teams, a new real estate brokerage model focused solely on top teams delivering unsurpassed client experiences. Comprised of four teams – the DeClute team, the Wright Sisters Group, Hartford and Stein, and the BREL team – Union Realty harnesses the power of collaboration to create a more consumer-centric experience for buyers and sellers in the Toronto real estate market.

Together is Better

At Union, we bring together Toronto’s leaders in digital marketing, staging and client experience. For our clients, that means more powerful marketing that reaches more people. Next-level home staging. Seamless transactions. Early access to the hottest new listings in Toronto. In short? Union brings a new standard of service and results, delivered by some of the top agents in the city. Now all our clients get the best of each team…only better.

Together, the teams at Union Realty have helped thousands of buyers and sellers from east to west and across Toronto and Durham.

Together, we are both nimble and strong. With just 29 agents across the four teams, our combined 2018 sales volume ranks us in the top 40 real estate firms in Toronto, out of 1,158 firms. Last year, our agents were responsible for 1.6% of all sales in the GTA, despite only accounting for 0.048% of the agents. That makes us one of the most productive firms in Toronto.